Sunday of Expulsion

Sunday Messenger

February 26, 2023

Sunday of the Expulsion

Scripture notes for today’s readings

Matthew 5: 17-48 – Having just proclaimed the Beatitudes — an astounding list of promised blessings — Jesus clarifies that these do not replace the Law, but rather fulfill it, bringing it to completion. Sins such as murder and adultery begin in the heart; honor, justice and commitment need to be taken seriously. Discuss/reflect: Jesus asks us to be completely reconciled with others before we honor God at the altar (23-24). What might this prompt us to do before we receive Holy Communion? (Consider those we have hurt and heal our differences.)

Romans 12:1-13:10 – A beautiful companion reading to Jesus’ teachings about the Law, St. Paul asserts that the Torah is no longer the norm for conduct, rather it is love that must guide our behavior; love is the true “fulfillment of the law.”(13:10) Discuss/reflect: In verses 12:9-21, which two commands are the easiest for you to keep? Which two the hardest?

Isaiah 33: 2-22 – In the shadow of Israel’s enemy Assyria, Isaiah pleads for God’s power and presence, trusting that he will appear in all his majesty as lawgiver, judge and king. Discuss/reflect: What qualities of God in vv 2 and 3 are reflected in the titles given to him in v. 22? (God is gracious, strong, a source of salvation and terrifyingly great power; these qualities are reflected in his title of judge, lawgiver and king).

Today is the Sunday of the Expulsion

Expulsion Sunday reminds us of that original exile from God’s presence: Adam and Eve driven our of Paradise for eating from the tree that had been forbidden to them.

The notion that they were wiser than God in deciding to eat the fruit of the “knowledge of good and evil” is at the heart of every sinful thought or action to this day. And even now, when we do something we’re not proud of, facing God is indeed as difficult as it was for Adam and Eve who tried to hide from Him as He walked “in the Garden in the cool of the day.” (Genesis 3:8) Thankfully, in God’s loving mercy, this is an exile He will not let us endure forever. Great Lent is a unique opportunity to ponder God’s absence even as we seek Him in 40 days of prayer and reflection. Reflection: Read Genesis 3. Why would God allow Adam and Eve to fail wfhen tempted? What does this say about God? About what He wants from us?

REQUIEM SERVICES: Hokehankist today will be for:

Larry Grocott, husband (1st anniversary) Pearl Serabian Josephs, mother; and grandmother Mary Serabian, requested in loving memory by Dorothy (Dolly) Grocott.

COFFEE HOUR today is sponsored by Dorothy Grocott in loving memory of Larry Grocott, Pearl Serabian Josephs and Mary Serabian

ANNUAL PARISH ASSEMBLY: Scheduled for March 5, 2023 with alternate snow date of March 12, 2023.

SAVE THE DATE if you would like to help us prepare meals for the isolated and elderly shut-ins serviced by the Caring for Friends organization.  With hopeful hearts, we will be gathering on Saturday, March 11 @ 10 am to reach our goal of 200 meals.  With your help, we can do it.  For students who would like to earn credit for a “Service Day,” an appropriate letter will be given for active participation. Please RSVP to Jeanette Der Hagopian by March 1 @ 215-672-4188 or

Please join us on Sunday, March 19, to enjoy our Mitchink luncheon on Sunday, March 19, following church services.  Advance reservations are appreciated as we plan our cooking needs.  A special program is planned with guest speaker, Chris Zakian, who will once again inform and enlighten us in our history.  Cost per person is $15 and can be reserved by mailing a check to church (memo: Mitchink) or online at  Any questions can be addressed to Jeanette at 215-672-4188 or

Seeking Part-time Organists – the Choir of Holy Trinity is looking for multiple talented musicians who would be seriously interested in playing the organ for the Sunday morning Divine Liturgy (Badarak) on a rotating schedule. Organ lessons will be provided to the interested candidates, along with one-on-one direction from a senior choir person.  For further information, contact Karinne Andonian @

CHURCH CALENDAR (please mark your calendars)

Sunday March 5 – ACYOA Soup Sunday and Parish Annual Assembly
Sunday March 12 – Snow date – Parish Assembly
Sunday March 19 – Mitchink luncheon
Sunday April 2 – Palm Sunday
Thursday April 6 – Holy Thursday
Friday April 7 – Holy Friday
Saturday April 8 – Easter Eve and Fellowship
Sunday  April 9 – Easter Sunday

THE KISS OF PEACE: After the gifts of the Eucharist are brought to the Altar Table, the deacon proclaims, “Greet one another with a holy kiss.”  The person giving the greeting says, Kristos ee mech mer Haydnetsav – Christ is revealed amongst us.  The recipient would respond, Orhnial eh Haydnootiunun Kristosee – Blessed is the revelation of Christ.

EMERGENCY CLOSINGS: In an effort to inform parishioners and guests when a Holy Trinity church service or program needs to be canceled or delayed due to inclement weather or other reasons, we request that you check our website ( or facebook page ( for the most accurate information.