Ladies of Holy Trinity

Executive Body:
Liz Barone, Coordinator
Lorraine Damerjian, Country Store Manager & Treasurer

We are the Ladies of Holy Trinity. When help is needed for a particular project or there is an interesting social event, we are there. Our most successful program is the Country Store which our parishioners greatly appreciate. Our dedicated ladies continue to stock, operate, and make many of the delicious items available for purchase. This allows us to annually sponsor four CASP children in Armenia. In addition to supporting the weekly coffee hours, we sponsor the annual Lenten luncheon and provide our services for the successful Harvest Bazaar. As we provide stewardship to our church, we have the opportunity to spend time together getting to know each other better in Christian fellowship. The women of Holy Trinity are always welcome to join us at any time. Come get to know us! For more information, contact Liz Barone at or 610-449-2236.