Adult Christian Education

In September 2013, the Pastor and Parish Council made a commitment to address the need for adult faith formation at Holy Trinity and appointed Nancy Basmajian as Director of Adult Christian Education. Oversight of this ministry is the purview of the Pastor/Parish Council.

Statement of Purpose
The ministry of Adult Christian Education at Holy Trinity will provide opportunities for parishioners to:

  • increase Biblical and Church literacy
  • develop a deeper and better-informed faith
  • engage in meaningful prayer and worship experiences together
  • reflect on and cultivate a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

A Sampling of our Programs and Initiatives

  • Bible Studies: Four-week and six-week programs throughout the year focused on various Old and New Testament readings.
  • Contemplating Christian Art: Included an in-house program and an excursion to the Philadelphia Museum of Art on how art can deepen personal faith.
  • Gospel Marathon: Held during the annual parish bazaar; scores of individuals read through the Gospels in 10-minute intervals in the sanctuary facing the altar.
  • Mini-course on the Divine Liturgy
  • Instructed Divine Liturgy
  • Faith Talk: On four consecutive Sundays, participants met in small groups to share and reflect on experiences and memories that have impacted their faith.
  • Raising Children for God: Workshops for young parents
  • Friday Night Lenten Series: A annual six-week series consisting of worship, dinner and presentations on faith-related topics.
  • Walk thru the Old Testament and Walk thru the New Testament: Two separate one-day creative and interactive programs focusing of Scripture.
  • Parish Retreat: A half-day program entitled “Nourished by Christ” held in conjunction with the Diocesan theme “Living the Gospel of Christ.”
  • Book and Brunch: A four-week book study on The Sunflower: On the Possibilities and Limits of Forgiveness which included a lunch fellowship.
  • Women’s Sunday Forum: Regular gatherings to discuss issues of faith and family of concern to women.
  • The Lamentations of Narek: A four-week study of the prayers of St. Gregory of Narek from his renowned collection, Speaking with God from the Depths of the Heart.


Pastor Fr. Hakob Gevorgyan with Nancy Basmajian, the Director of the parish's Adult Christian Education program.

Pastor Fr. Hakob Gevorgyan with Nancy Basmajian, the Director of the parish’s Adult Christian Education program.


Participants in a 2014 parent workshop, "Raising Children for God"

Participants in a 2014 parent workshop, “Raising Children for God”