Palm Sunday

THE SUNDAY MESSENGER April 5, 2020 Palm Sunday Palm Sunday Gospel Reading: Matthew 20:29-21:17 See also: Mark 11:1-11, Luke 19:28-44, John 12:12-19 Palm Sunday, referred to as Ծաղկազարդ (adorned with flowers), is liturgically known as “Canon for the Coming of Christ our God to Jerusalem on a Donkey.” The coming of Christ operates on two […]

Save the Date

Pastoral Message from Fr. Hakob

Dear Faithful, I write to you with an update of the restrictions placed upon us regarding church participation in light of the COVID-19 virus that has now begun to overtake our country. Beginning immediately and continuing through Thursday, April 9, only the clergy will be allowed to enter church and conduct the appropriate services. All […]

A Message from Fr. Hakob

How to Overcome the Storm Today the world is in crisis and people are panicking because of the Coronavirus. This virus has affected more than 200.000 people around the world and a few thousand people have already died. The world was not ready for this. Now – should we live in fear and agony? The […]

A Letter from Fr. Hakob Gevorgyan

March 26, 2020 Dear Faithful, As I write this message in this extraordinary time, I know that many of you are wondering what tomorrow will bring. What we thought would be impossible only days ago has now become our new reality for the immediate future. Millions of people have been directed to stay home from […]

A Message From Fr. Hakob - 03/28/20

The Good News Every day, we turn on the news to receive information about what is happening in the world. And, unfortunately, we see that there is lots of negative and sad news. Most of the TV channels compete with each other to see who can present more bad news about the world and especially […]

Church School

Church School registration is on the second Sunday of September, and our kids are once again participating in the wonderful programs designed by our Sunday School teachers and staff! The entire Sunday School staff and parish family are looking forward to the upcoming year.

Santerian Banquet Hall

Fully renovated in 2000, Santerian Banquet Hall at Holy Trinity Armenian Church has established itself as one of Northeast Philadelphia’s best special event locations. With a Main Ballroom that seats up to 325 people and a large adjoining foyer area that is perfect for cocktails, this marvelous facility offers a first-class venue for wedding receptions, as well as a variety of private and corporate functions.

Visit the Santerian Hall page for more information.