Second Sunday of Advent

December 5, 2021

Second Sunday of Advent

 COVID UPDATE:  August 23, 2021, The Montgomery County Office of Public Health advises that masks should be worn in public indoor settings regardless of vaccination status. Please exercise your best judgment and caring for everyone in our Church community. Thank you   

Scripture and Feast Day Notes

From Today’s Reading

Luke 13:1-9 Jesus refers to two local tragedies: Galilean pilgrims massacred by Pilate and people killed by a collapsing tower. He counters the world view of the time that those whose lives were cut short must have sinned in some way. No indeed! They were no better nor worse than any of us. But the fact that lives may tragically and suddenly end calls all the more for repentance; without skipping a beat, our Lord tells the story of a fig tree which has yet to bear fruit but is spared for one more year. Cultivated and tended it has been given every opportunity to be fruitful. Discuss/reflect: What kind of “death” do you think Jesus refers to in verse 5? What are the different ways your faith has been nourished? What fruit has this produced in your life? If none or little, what are you waiting for?!

I Thessalonians 4:1-11 St, Paul commends the Thessalonians for acknowledging God’s gift of holiness, as a result they shun sexual immorality, exert honorable self-control, and love others as one might a sister or brother. Paul encourages them to love even more expansively. Discuss/reflect: Paul taught this community how to live in order to please God (4:1). Whom do you live to please? How would you live differently if it were God you were aiming to please?

 Isaiah 36:22-37:11 Assyria has leveled the Northern Kingdom and is now at Jerusalem’s door, threatening Hezekiah and mocking his God. Yet King Hezekiah and the prophet Isaiah remain steadfast in their trust in God. Discuss/reflect: God is unequivocal in His response to Hezekiah’s fear, in summary: Do not be afraid! Listen! I have an answer… (37:6-7) Think of a worry or fear of your own. How might these emphatic words comfort you?

Saturday, December 11 is the Feast of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker
From a young age, St. Nicholas (c 270-343) was known for his kind-heartedness and unwavering faith. He was imprisoned during the persecution of Christ ians under Emperor Diocletian and remembered later for his inspiring encouragement to fellow prisoners. As Bishop of Myra, he attended the Council at Nicaea in 325. His moniker “wonderworker” came from the many miracles his prayers and deeds prompted — saving unjustly condemned prisoners, drowning men at sea, and even his city from a terrible famine.But his name is most associated with Christmas and with the boundless love he had for those in need. One well-known legend of his charity concerned the bags of gold he secretly gifted to three very poor girls whose father was about to turn them out of the house. This led to the practice of giving presents to children at Christmas in his name, which itself evolved from St. Nicholas to Santa Claus. The modern day image of Santa also draws from the story of the pagan god Thor who was associated with winter and the Yule log and rode on a chariot drawn by goats named Cracker and Gnasher. Reflection: Explore the life of this remarkable saint. Emulate his loving dedication to the poor, the hungry,and the persecuted.

     Department of Christian Education/Diocese of the Armenian Church (Eastern)/

REQUIEM SERVICES: Hokehankist today will be for:

  • ALL THE 1988 ARMENIAN EARTHQUAKE VICTIMS requested by the Diocese of the Armenian Church of America and Holy Trinity.
  • AZAD ATTARIAN (13th Anniversary of His eternal life) & LUCINE ATTARIAN (5th Anniversary of Her eternal life) requested in loving memory by Lynne Attarian Asadourian and Family.
  • MARIAM KARAGHEUZIAN requested in loving memory by the Torosian Family.

ALTAR FLOWERS: are donated today by Lynne Attarian Asadourian and Family in loving memory of AZAD ATTARIAN (13th Anniversary of His eternal life) & LUCINE ATTARIAN (5th Anniversary of Her eternal life).

NOTICE: The elevator is not working and scheduled for repair next week. Families with elderly members should consider dropping them off at the front entrance of the church.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  Thank you. 

COUNTRY STORE IS OPEN AND READY FOR BUSINESS:  We are well stocked in our store and invite you to come in after church most Sundays or place an order for pickup with Lorraine Damerjian @ 215-572-8465. 

MEN’S CLUB NEWS – The November 200 CLUB drawing, the first for 2021-22, was completed on 11/14/21. You can see the results on our HTAC Website. Click on: Organizations, Men’s Club. –Congratulations to the Winners!

Seeking Part-time Organists – the Choir of Holy Trinity is looking for multiple talented musicians who would be seriously interested in playing the organ for the Sunday morning Divine Liturgy (Badarak) on a rotating schedule. Organ lessons will be provided to the interested candidates, along with one-on-one direction from a senior choir person.  For further information, contact Karinne Andonian @

REMINDER: According to the Diocesan Bylaws, membership dues are to be paid no later than December 31st each year in order to be a member in “good standing” and to be eligible to vote at the annual assembly. Any monies received after that date will be applied to the new year.  For any questions regarding your status, please call the church office.

Lunch with Santa: December 5th following church services.  All are welcome.  Please complete the online form for registration so we know how many to expect: Deadline for Reservations is 12/4/21.

CHRISTMAS COOKIE SALE – The Daughters of Vartan, Philadelphia Chapter, are taking pre-orders for home-made Christmas cookies for $15/box. Proceeds will go towards helping families in need in Armenia. Pickup will be at Holy Trinity Armenian church ONLY on Sunday, December 5 between 1-2pm.  Go to to order.   For any questions, contact:

The Armenian Sisters Academy, Radnor PA. Has an immediate opening for a full-time toddler care teacher. If interested please contact Doreen Yeremian. 6106134733

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