Sunday of the World Church (Green Sunday)

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April 15, 2018

Sunday of the World Church (Green Sunday)

World Church

According to the Armenian Church calendar, the second Sunday following Zadeeg is designated as “Sunday of the World Church” (Աշխարհամատրամ Կիրակի). Although little is definitively known about the origin of this feast day, or why it is referred to as “Green Sunday” (Կանաչ Կիրակի), is there still something it can say to the Armenian Church today?

What we do know about this particular day can be derived from the sharagan of the day which contains the theme of blessing or consecrating a chapel (possibly a commemoration of some historic church dedication, most likely located in Jerusalem). In fact, a more accurate translation of the feast day is, “Sunday of the World Chapel” implying the physical building of a church (մատուռ), rather than the word for Church (Եեկեղեցի), which refers to the community of believers.

An excerpt of the hymn sung during Առաւօտեան ժամ tells us what Armenian Christians believe the Church to be, which includes the building:

Having become your disciples by the holy apostles, we learned to glorify you in the temple of your holiness, which you founded upon the rock of faith, Lord, God of our Fathers. Come, people of the nations, let us joyfully celebrate the inauguration/dedication of the holy church, praising the Lord God of our Fathers. Together with the bodiless multitudes, all nations forever praise and highly exalt Christ the King who comes today into the holy church. Come into the church, people whose faith is in the Holy Trinity. Praise God. Joyfully celebrate to the edges of the table, and highly exalt him forever. (trans. Fr. Daniel Findikyan)

Having been consecrated as a house of worship and prayer, every church building is a sacred space that resembles and recalls the holiness of heaven itself. It is where the faithful gather as the Church, where the richest and deepest mysteries of the Church are revealed and celebrated. The architecture is theologically meaningful as a brick and mortar icon of the presence of Jesus Christ, and our being grafted into Him through baptism.

Peter writes to the Church in his first epistle (2:5), “Like living stones, you are being built into a spiritual house, to be a holy priesthood, to offer spiritual sacrifices acceptable to

God through Jesus Christ.” What does it mean, or look like, to be a living stone? Baptized into the Church, the Body of Christ, we all have a priestly ministry to the whole world: to give thanks for God offering Himself to us, to offer ourselves back to Him, to see the world as God sees it, and to offer the world the same eternal life that God gave us, communion with Him.

The universal Church, which includes the Armenian Church, is the voice of hope and the hands of healing in the world, and our nourishment to carry out our mission to the world finds its source in Holy Badarak. Before distributing Christ’s Body and Blood, the priest’s prays: Տպաւորեա՛ ի մեզ… “Imprint upon us the grace of your Holy Spirit as you did on the holy apostles, who ate this meal and became the ones to clean the whole world.” After sharing Holy Communion, the people sing together, proclaiming that our celebration of Holy Badarak is for salvation, not just for us Armenians, but for the whole world: Գոհանամք զքէն Տէր… “We thank you, Lord, for you have fed us at your immortal table, serving your Body and Blood for the salvation of the world and as life for ourselves.”


1 Peter 2: 1-10 (page 209) New Testament
John 2: 23-3:12 (pages 85-86) New Testament – (Please follow the Armenian Reading in your Bible)

REQUIEM SERVICES: Karasoonk (40th Day memorial Service) today will be for:

VIOLA KARAGHEUZIAN on the 40th Day of Her eternal life requested by  Sonia Karagheuzian.
GEORGE P. LAMARRA on the 40th Day of His eternal life requested by his mother, Barbara Papazian.

Hokehankist today will be for:

ALL DECEASED MEMBERS OF THE OKOORIAN FAMILY requested in loving memory by Jacob Okoorian and Family.
REGINA & MARTIN DeMURO (13th Anniversary of Their eternal life) requested in loving memory by Alice and Denise Sisian.
ARAM & ROSE BOORNAZIAN and GEORGE & ANNA TERKANIAN SR. requested in loving memory by the Terkanian Family.
ROBERT TEMOYAN (2nd Anniversary of His eternal life) requested in loving memory by Carol, Christine & Laura Temoyan and Sophie & Nina.

“Now, our God, hear the prayers and petitions of your servant…” (Daniel 9:17a). We give thanks to God for the safe return of Der Hakob and his large group of pilgrims who traveled to the Holy Land and walked in the footsteps of our Lord. Please pray for Butch Kumkumian, Annabelle Alexanian, Alice Charles, Pearl Jamgochian, & Albert Santerian for a return to better health and to feel the presence o God in their lives. Pray also for our country and her leaders during these trying times; and let us ask the Lord to keep our children in their schools free from further violence and hatred.

ALTAR FLOWERS & CANDLES: Today are donated by Carol, Christine & Laura Temoyan and Sophie & Nina in loving memory of ROBERT TEMOYAN (2nd Anniversary of His eternal life).

Today’s Coffee Hour: is sponsored by George and Anne Terkanian in loving memory of ARAM & ROSE BOORNAZIAN and GEORGE & ANNA TERKANIAN SR. All are welcome.

All Good and Perfect Gifts: Our 3-part Sunday Morning Educational Series starts today, April 15 with a presentation by Emily Movsesian, a devoted member of our choir and active parishioner. She will focus on a prayer in the Divine Liturgy composed by St. John Chrysostom, one of our Early Church Fathers, so widely acclaimed for his preaching that he is known as “golden-mouthed.” Come explore how the prayer reminds us to thank God for His gifts, and the meaning of the joyful response “Amen!” Emily will speak in the sanctuary at 10:00; Liturgy will follow at 10:30. Let’s show our support for Emily by arriving promptly.

Next week, April 22, Brian Hoyle’s presentation is fortuitously entitled “Get Me to the Church on Time!”

Mother’s Day Celebration Luncheon: The Ladies of Holy Trinity invite the women in our community to join us for lunch on Saturday, May 12 at 12:30pm at Brio Tuscan Grille, Cherry Hill, NJ for fellowship and appreciation of their support and dedication to service in our church community. Details to follow. Please see Liz Barone or Margo Silk.

Merle Santerian is seeking parishioners to help her by taking over, preparing and serving at the Sunday Fellowship Hour once a month. A husband and wife team would be nice, or any two parishioners who wish to do it together. Merle would prepare a schedule for those who are interested, where once a month they would run a regular Sunday Fellowship Coffee Hour. Please contact Merle at Coffee Hour, or by cell phone, 215-205-1507; home phone, 215-947-3777, to let her know you are interested and willing to take on this job. She will be happy to fill you in on what the job involves.

FAR UPDATE: Aleksandr Nersesyan, 67, known as “Roman,” moved to FAR’s Vanadzor Old Age Home (VOAH) six years ago following a trying foot amputation. Throughout the years, he has managed to overcome his post-surgery stress by finding joy in painting and music, all thanks to the continuous support of VOAH’s staff and its residents. Roman has painted nearly everyone’s portraits at the home, and mostly likes to carves churches out of wood. He feels really home at VOAH and describes it as a secure and decent place to live. “We are surrounded by love—ask anyone!” he said. To read more, go to [LINK:]
Support Me in the Walk to Stop Suicide : Please support me as I walk from dusk till dawn in the Out of the Darkness Overnight Walk on June 16, 2018. Help end the silence surrounding suicide and Miller or I have donation forms in my office that can be mailed in or you can send me a check or cash and I will make the donation for you in your name. Please consider helping me reach my donation goal for this very important event. Thank you! Maggie

Using the Pew Book: In order to enrich understanding of the Divine Liturgy, we encourage our faithful to follow along in the large two-part Pew Book. Part One includes the classical Armenian used in the Liturgy; the facing page is the translation in modern Western Armenian. Part Two contains the transliteration of the classical Armenian; the right-hand page has the English translation. This Pew Book includes the prayers of the celebrant usually offered inaudibly. The prayers offered aloud are indicated in boldface type.

CHURCH CALENDAR (please mark your calendars)

April 15 10:00-10:30 “All Good and Perfect Gifts” (Emily Movsesian)
April 22 10:00-10:30 “Get Me to the Church on Time” (Brian Hoyle)
April 29 10:00-10:30 “My Faith Pilgrimage to Jerusalem” (Yn. Anna
Gevorgyan) & Film “Women of 1915” (following Liturgy)

May 3-5 Diocesan Assembly
May 6 Badarak at St. Vartan Cathedral
May 10 Feast of the Ascension
May 20 Pentecost/ Church School Closing Program

June 13 7:00 pm Home Bible Study in Bucks County
June 20 7:00 pm Home Bible Study in Newtown Square
June 27 7:00 pm Home Bible Study in South Jersey

THE NICENE CREED/ HAVADAMK – This is the Profession of our Faith which is recited every Sunday moments after the Gospel is read from the altar. Sometimes it is sung, but more often it is recited by the Deacons and/or the Choir. We invite you to affirm your own “Profession of Faith” by reciting along with us. God longs for all of us to express our faith and devotion to Him.

THE KISS OF PEACE: After the gifts of the Eucharist are brought to the Altar Table, the deacon proclaims, “Greet one another with a holy kiss.” The person giving the greetings says, Kristos ee mech mer Haydnetsav – Christ is revealed amongst us. The recipient would respond, Orhnial eh Haydnootiunun Kristosee – Blessed is the revelation of Christ.

Anyone who wishes to request any Requiem Services MUST inform the office by 1:30pm Wednesday the week before. If you also want to sponsor the Fellowship Hour you MUST call Merle Santerian at 215-947-3777.

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