Badarak on July 5th

Dear Parishioners,

In Montgomery County, PA, although we are in the Green Phase of permitted gatherings, we would like to limit our attendance to 30 persons. This past week worked very well, but again, we are a smart population and if you are not otherwise going out to stores or visiting anyone because you are high-risk, you are not otherwise feeling well or because you are concerned to do so for any reason at all, do not come to Church. Additionally, the Diocese recommends that anyone over 60 not attend. Your health and the health of those around you is much more important at this time. We are merely attempting to provide a physical place of worship for those truly in need.

If you are attending, the Church will be open on July 5th and you must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Only 30 people will be allowed inside the Church. We will have seating, two people per pew and every other pew, and each person must be 6 feet from the next person;
  2. Anyone who is attending must email the Church office at by Thursday, June 21st. You will get a return email that lets you know whether you can attend;
  3. You may only enter and exit through the main doors on Ashmead Road. You cannot use the elevator unless you are disabled and need the elevator to get to a bathroom. Anyone who enters the Narthex and Sanctuary must be wearing a mask at all times. Masks will be provided if you do not have one;
  4. Everyone must sanitize their hands upon entering and exiting the Sanctuary by using the hand sanitizer stations in the Narthex;
  5. If you need to leave your seat in a pew during the Service, go out of the pew on the side to your left or right where no other person is seated, so you do not pass them or have them move;
  6. Mas will be prepared in advance and provided to individuals at the end of the Service; and
  7. There will be no fellowship hour or gatherings of any kind upon completion of the Service.

At least one Parish Council member will be available to assist in following these guidelines.

With Prayers,
The Pastor and Parish Council

There will be no live stream this week.